What is Bit?

Here you will learn what is bit and how to best utilize it for your needs.

Bit is a component-as-a-service platform that helps software developers to organize the components of their codebase, make them discoverable, sync them between different projects and use them to build new features and products faster. With Bit, you can focus on product and technological innovation instead of having to reinvent the wheel.

Bit is a collaborative open source project, actively developed and maintained by a venture-backed team and used by more teams and communities every day.

Advantages of using Bit

Every day more of the software we build is designed with encapsulated, reusable components. From UI and Web components to Node.js modules, utility functions, GraphQL APIs and even serverless functions, these components are our building blocks.

The JS community has done significant progress towards component-driven architectures. From the Node.js module system to native Web Components and great frameworks like React, Angular and Vue. Guidelines for building components were wonderfully described by Addy Osmani in his post about the FIRST principle.

Bit organizes your components and makes them discoverable to use and develop from different projects while keeping them synced across your codebase.

Discoverability and access to all your components

Bit hosts and organizes your components to make them visible and discoverable for you and your team to collaborate on. Leveraging existing components and evolving them over time lets you focus on building new features and products without having to reinvent the wheel every day.

Reducing publish and maintenance overhead

Bit works with Git and NPM to eliminate the overhead around shared code. Instead of splitting and refactoring repositories while making changes across multiple projects, Bit lets you seamlessly isolate components in existing repositories and use them in other projects. With Bit, you can increase code sharing while reducing the overhead around it.

Collaboration across projects

Components shared with Bit can be developed and evolved from any project in your codebase, while changes can be easily updated and merged between your projects. This helps you avoid duplicate code, manage shared components at scale and increase the maintainability of your entire codebase through better collaboration across projects and teams.

Built for developers

Bit gives developers two hands on the wheel. You can learn which components are available in your codebase, preview their quality, performance and test coverage, and control which components are used and updated in which project at any moment. Bit can be extended to play with your favorite dev tools, from Build and Test environments to Git and NPM integrations.